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Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions (and answers) in no particular order

How do I make my own collection

The collection should have a name, a root category, a picture and a default language. In addition you must specify if you want the collection to be private (only you can see it) or public (everybody can see it).

  • The name. Something description, but not too long. It doesn't have to be unique on iCollections. Many collections can have the same name.
  • The root category. The top level category. All articles are sorted under here if no further sorting has been done. Once the collection has been created you can easily created additional subcategories, for more precise organisation.
  • Picture A picture to accompany your collection. Preferable something descriptive of what you intent your collection to contain. It should be about 100 x 100 pixels and not too large. You can either upload from your own computer or point somewhere on the net. Take care not to transgress on other people's copyright.
  • Default language The default language of all the articles in the collection. If you post an article to the collection different from the default language, it'll be flagged with a small language icon.

In addition it would be helpful if you give your collection a small description and some tags, which will help other people better locate interesting articles and make your collection more useful.