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BeeQube is a revolutionary (¡no pasarán!) new tool to gather and organise information from across the Internet and share it with your friends and the rest of the world.


  1. Collection
  2. A Collection is group of articles grouped together. The articles under a Collection all relate to the subject of the Collection. Any user of beeQube can create and maintain his or her own collections. The owner of a collection can create any number of parent and child categories to help better organise the articles within the collection, and help others easier locate the articles they find interesting. A collection can be public or private. If private only the owner of the collection can see the articles. If public anyone can.
  3. Article
  4. An Article is a news item, feature, Op-ed, blog post, etc. the owner of a collection finds interesting enough to include in his or her collection. An article can be organised into the categories created for the collection as well as into a specific geography (continent, country, state, etc.). The more finely and precisely you categorise your articles, the easier it will be for others to locate articles in their field of interests, and the more useful your collections will become.
  5. Feed
  6. Feeds - also called Web-feeds, or more technically RSS and by FireFox Live Bookmarks - is method for you to keep easy track of your favourite Collections, without having to visit the website for updates. A short summary of new articles in any collection you choose to feed of, are automatically posted to your web browser. You can choose to only feed of certain elements of a collection you find interesting and/or combine articles from several collection into one feed stream. This icon is associated with feeds.
  7. Widget
  8. A Widget, also called Gadget, is a small piece of computer code to display feed streams either on your desktop or in another webpage. Currently supported widgets are Apple Desktop Widgets (MacOS), Yahoo! Widgets (Konfabulator - Windows, MacOS) and Spring Widget web widgets.